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State and Nation: Basic Values of Türkiye

16 Mayıs 2023 16:20

The state as an impersonal authority is a centralized political organization. Nation, on the other hand, can be defined as a community of people living on the same land and having similarity in history, emotion, tradition and culture. The nation can only be ensure its survival and welfare within a solid state structure built on the foundation of justice.

On the other hand, there are some basic values ​​that unite and hold society together. The stronger these values ​​are, the stronger the state will be. So much so that these values ​​are sometimes shared with peoples in a very wide geography, which can be described as the “geography of the heart” by going abroad. It is a fact that all people who have lived together for thousands of years in the Republic of Türkiye, with minor exceptions, fused with each other in terms of culture, tradition and emotion throughout history, rejoiced together in their happy days, and shared their painful days crying on each other's shoulders, regardless of their ethnic group. In this respect, it is seen that everyone living in the Republic of Türkiye as all the characteristics of being a nation.

Those who govern the state; Integration with the nation, understanding their feelings, culture and values ​​is also an indispensable requirement for the state to be based on solid foundations.

From this point of view, it is seen that the basic values ​​that the citizens of the Republic of Türkiye cannot give up and are sensitive towards the state are mainly formed as follows.

-The survival of the state is important. No matter how hard the people are in economic difficulties, they prioritize the peace and security of the country they live in.

-It is sensitive to those who want to divide its country by means of terrorism. In this respect, it does not accept any support, aid or tolerance towards terrorism. He is aware of those who want to divide his country with the instructions he receives from outside.

- No matter what issues he discusses within himself, he does not accept foreign intervention in his country, meddling in his internal affairs, and the fact that his country is designed by foreign powers, and shows fierce resistance.

- As seen in weak states, he cannot tolerate that the people he has raised with great self-sacrifice produce ideas in line with the policies of other countries rather than his own country, and even that these people belittle him with a sense of arrogance despite all their sacrifices.

- The nation is now based on serving their own nation rather than serving others.

- It supports and is proud of nationality, being national, national thought, national production in all kinds of activities.

- Nation, for the benefit of other countries; He does not accept the sacrifice of the assets belonging to the state and the nation, or rather to himself and his children.

- The nation attaches importance to the transformation of this into behavior in the field, rather than words.

- No matter how many games are played on it, the family is still the most important value that holds the nation together, and it is seen that this nation is closely connected to the concept of family.


As a result, the basic values ​​that have been formed in these lands over thousands of years are important and constitute the solid foundations that hold the state and the nation together. As long as these values ​​are sound, other problems can be solved more easily in unity and togetherness.